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What is HAPCO?

HAPCO - The Homeowners Association of Philadelphia - is a city-wide, non-profit, voluntary association of residential property owners, and investors, who have joined together to advance the causes of private property rights, equitable tenant-landlord legislation, education and positive management practices.

HAPCO's nearly 3000 members own or manage two-thirds of the city's low and medium-income rental properties and units. HAPCO dedicates itself to the upgrading and preservation of the private housing stock for the people of Philadelphia, and the fight against housing decay and abandonment.


We are changing the image of the landlord: we care about our tenants, our neighborhoods, their survival and ours in an era of continuing inflation, vandalism, blight and homelessness. We also stand for the right to make a fair profit from out investments and managerial expertise, just as the worker deserves a fair wage for his labor. As skilled entrepreneurs in the business of providing shelter, we feel qualified to provide responsible consultation in the development of the City's housing policies and programs, and to oppose what we regard as repressive legislation and regulations which affect owners and tenants alike.

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