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Annual Human Rights Parade and Festival
Prisoners Are Human Beings

The Human Rights Coalition is a group of predominantly prisoners' families, ex-prisoners and some supporters. Our ultimate goal is to abolish prisons. The prison system is based on a foundation of exploitation, punishment and corruption. Most of the people in prisons are poor, brown, urban, functionally illiterate, unemployed or under-employed before they were locked down, and are there for non-violent crimes. The prison system reflects all inequalities in our society, and it does not work in its current incarnation.

Our goal is to empower prisoners' families to be leaders in prison organizing, while at the same time reduce the shame of having a loved one in prison or being formerly incarcerated. Our goal is to make visible to the public the injustice and abuse that are common practice throughout our judicial and prison systems across the country, and eventually end those abuses.

We also work to encourage the rehabilitation of prisoners. HRC understands that prisoners are human beings with problems that need to be addressed. Many prisoners have led horrendous lives of drug abuse, child abuse, or neglect, in addition to impacts of racism, sexism, classism and homophobia. We as citizens should demand that the prison system focus on the rehabilitation of prisoners so that they can return to society as productive citizens with the skills needed to take care of their families.


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