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Move from either-or to robust both-and solutions

This process seeks to address the possibility of opposites existing simultaneously when teams are at work.

  • Will our purpose be best served by increased local autonomy, customization, competition, and freedom among units/sites?
  • Or, will our purpose be best served by increased integration, standardization, and control among units/sites? Or, both?


  1. Use 1-2-4-All to generate a list of activities that require attention by asking, “Where is there tension between our desire to standardize and the request for more customizing or autonomy?” 10 min.
  2. Groups examine: What is the rationale for standardizing? What is the rationale for customizing?
  3. develop a set of action steps that achieve standardization and a set of action steps that achieve customization.
  4. Ask, “Which actions boost both?
  5. Ask, “What modifications or creative ideas can be adopted to move some actions between the three groups?
  6. prioritize the most promising actions that promote both integration and autonomy.