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Lotsa Helping Hands gives the following descriptive information:

A Painless Way to Organize Help

With the Help Calendar, you can post requests for support - things like meals for the family, rides to medical appointments, or just stopping by to visit.

Members of your community can quickly find ways to help, and Lotsa will send reminders and help coordinate logistics automatically so nothing falls through the cracks.

Give Updates, Receive Support

Supporting caregivers is largely about communication. Announcements make it easy to keep the community in the loop on how things are going, while Well Wishes let the community shower the family with love, posting prayers or notes of encouragement.

Vital Information

Loved ones often need a place to organize and quickly access information on medications, doctors, allergies, insurance, and more. Lotsa gives you a simple, secure place for this information, with easy to use access controls so only the people you want see it.

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