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Author | Poet | Wine & Beer Writer (RIP)

My most recent novel is bang BANG, the story of a woman who takes justice into her own hands and fights the rising tide of gun violence in American cities. Last year, The New Short Course in Wine was published by Prentice Hall. It's a book for anyone who wants to get wise to the ways of wine and do it quickly. My first book was a novel, a love story called The Bachelor's Cat. It's about, um.... a bachelor who finds a guessed it, a cat. it's out of print now, so I think you can pick up a copy for about a dollar. maybe fifty cents. if you get one for less, please let me know. if the going price ever drops below a quarter, i'm going to start bragging about it.
  • When i was young, i tried to be wise. Now i'm old and i try to be strong. maybe i got it backwards, maybe not.

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