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Members of the Marian Anderson Museum and Historical Society.

The Marian Anderson Historical Society is an organization that has been dedicated to keeping the Legacy of the late classical singer, who was considered one of the most important opera performers of the 20th century, showcasing her Residence as a Museum, a National Historical Landmark and supporting the development and performance of Young Professional Classical & Performing Artist Scholars. The organization was founded by Blanche Burton-Lyles and has existed for the past 24 years. The society consists of The Marian Anderson Residence Museum at 762 S. Martin St., where Anderson lived and maintained all of her life, and the National Scholar Artist Program that Marian Anderson created herself in 1950 in Philadelphia. The Marian Anderson Scholar Artist Program cultivates these exceptional professional Artists from ages 18 and UP and provides the Artist support for the development of their careers at the National Marian Anderson Museum & Historical Society. The Scholar Artist is given support with private coaching's, lessons, performance wardrobe, travel to auditions, travel to contracted performances, promotion of our Marian Anderson Scholar Artists. And most importantly our Marian Anderson Scholar Artists perform every year with our Marian Anderson Historical Society Concerting Season which are at least five to six shows a year. The National Marian Anderson Historical Society also has the Arts Empowerment Project which provide education, development, mentorship and performance for all Children in the Arts in the Tri-State Area from ages 4-18.

​ The vision of the MAHS to rise as top best Historical Museum destinations in the United States as well as to continue evolving to become one of the premiere Classical and Vocal Arts organizations worldwide that launches Professional Careers of Talented Educated Artists.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's MAHS Mission Statement page.

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