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The Mt. Airy Schools Coalition gives the following descriptive information:

The Mt. Airy Schools Coalition works to ensure that all area families have access to a high quality public education by facilitating strategic investment of the community’s human capital and financial resources to support public schools. Our work is a joint effort of Mt. Airy USA, East Mount Airy Neighbors (EMAN) and West Mt. Airy Neighbors and is grounded in a spirit of productive collaboration and partnership.

We believe that Mt. Airy can be the premiere destination for families seeking high quality public education in Philadelphia. We envision all schools in Mt. Airy as places where students are not only equipped with essential skills in reading and math, but also have access to a rich curriculum that includes art, music, science, and technology. Our local schools have the power to instill a love of learning through curriculum that is engaging, challenging, and prepares students for a future of their own choosing.

Priority Areas

Based on the input of school principals, teachers, parents, and community members, the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition identified three areas of focus: 1) School Climate, 2) Literacy, and 3) a Well-Rounded Curriculum.

  1. School Climate: We aim to ensure that all Mt. Airy neighborhood schools have a welcoming atmosphere with a positive school culture and a visually appealing environment.
  2. Literacy: We aim to support schools’ instructional programs to ensure that all students in Mt. Airy schools can read on grade level by the end of third grade and have access to engaging, literature-rich curriculum in all grade levels.
  3. Well-Rounded Curriculum: We believe that all students deserve access to the arts, music, science, and technology as part of a complete curriculum that allows students to discover and pursue their passions.