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The Nonprofit Center at LaSalle University gives the following descriptive information:

From introductions to foundation representatives at a “Meet the Funders” panel discussion, to ways to amplify the message of our mission at a “Nonprofit Branding on a Shoestring” workshop, The Nonprofit Center opens the door to a range of resources. The professional development opportunities provide practical, timely, and, in some cases, ‘eye-opening’ expert guidance on ways to deepen donor relationships. I always come away from the classes with a well-defined ‘to-do’ list that refines our fundraising efforts. To state the obvious: we are in a highly competitive environment for dollars/donors. Essentially, every non profit is in the business of improving the community; each using different means to achieve this same end. The Nonprofit Center hands us the tools to best leverage what is unique to our work.
--Ellen Saint Clair, Director of Development, Children’s Village

Who We Are

At The Nonprofit Center, we are in the business of nonprofits. Our name isn’t just who we are, it’s what we do. We are you – we live in the same world, facing the same realities.

With more than 35 years of experience (having educated more than 30,000 nonprofit professionals and completed more than 1,800 consulting projects) at the forefront in helping organizations throughout the Delaware Valley strengthen their management, governance and operations, we recognize that all nonprofits — no matter how admirable their mission — must be able to implement and maintain strong business practices in order to compete in today’s competitive and complex world. We are a management service organization, providing services to nonprofits that are grounded in realistic best practices.

What We Do

Because we know nonprofits, we know your needs and limitations. We offer an expanse of programs and services to fit your budget, schedule, expectations, and most importantly your goals. These range from full-day stand-alone classes to intensive educational opportunities for entry level through experienced professional. From expert consulting to on-site group training. the ultimate goal is to strengthen the capacity of nonprofit organizations so that they will be stronger and better able to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. We are about supported transformation, which often happens in stages. And with its broad range of services, The Nonprofit Center can be there for every step of that integrated process.

How We Can Help

The Nonprofit Center combines both an in-house team of experts in a wide range of issues with a diverse corps of professional consultants and instructors whose collective expertise gives us the broadest range possible in the scope of services that we offer.

Others may claim to have our values, but none offer the depth and the diversity, within a nonprofit framework and budget.

Because we know nonprofits, our areas of expertise are your areas of interest, from core skills to cutting edge innovation, including:

  • Leadership development training for board members, executive directors and emerging leaders.
  • Education and on-site training programs in administration, fundraising, human resources, financial management, strategic planning, evaluation, marketing and more.
  • Expert consulting to provide guidance for special projects, challenges, new directions or planning processes, developed within the confines of the nonprofit budget.
  • A Membership program that makes connections — to resources, information, opportunities and discounts that will help move your organization from just talking about change to making it.
  • Find Nonprofit Jobs website to connect the right people with the right positions, including the unique opportunity to post interest in, and openings for board members and other volunteers.

Explore what The Nonprofit Center can do to make your organization more efficient; to make your board experience more meaningful; to make your staff more knowledgeable; to make your nonprofit more able to withstand financial, administrative and resource challenges. Connecting to The Nonprofit Center will change the way your nonprofit does business.