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A Community Development Organization

ONE Feltonville CCDC (Christian Community Development Center1) supports a vibrant and growing retail/commercial corridor and suports owners/businesses (Including "Landlords" & "Tenants") that improve the overall economy of the Feltonville community. ONE Feltonville was recognized by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) as a Registered Community Organization (RCO) in August 2016, on the actual 2nd Anniversary of our founding. In 2018 we were re-certifed, through July 2020. RCO's participate in Zoning and Development Applications and Permits decision making in communities.

  • Wyoming Avenue Commercial Corridor was a part of our "Vision 2016", "Imagine 2017" and, "Wyoming Avenue Corridor" ("Main Street") goals and objectives in response to our "Mission Statement". We're awaiting development of a "Commercial Corridor" and planned Improvements to the Feltonville War Memorial at Rising Sun and Wyoming Avenues, pursuant to a Grant to Esperanza Housing and Economic Development (EHED) and City Council District 7. Once those changes are implemented, the site will be renamed Feltonville Veterans Memorial. Additionally, we successfully advocated for a Green City, Clean Waters ($75K) Implementation of a [Green] Stormwater Infrastructure Project (GSIP) there. Street trees and stormwater capture tree pits are scheduled for several neighborhood streets, mostly around "A" Street, to "C" Street; Courtland Street adjacent to Greenmount Cemetery. (See About ONE Feltonville for more details) Note: 1. As a Christian Community Development Center/Corporation we serve the underserved in our representative communities. We practice the principles of and hope to pattern ourselves after, and emulate A Project of ASSET BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ("ABCD") - Principles and Practices via (Now part of Chicago, it began as a part of the school of social administration). "Asset Based" deals with what "Gifts" individuals and Communities have, rather a deficit-based, "Needs Assessment" approach typically, traditionally apllied by Social work and Development "Professionals" who jusy know-that-they-know what's best for you! [Tags: Service Learning, Community Service]. Also Recommended [Related Link]: The Seattle School - Formerly: Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle, WA. ( Related Book: "The New Parish" Copyright 2014 [For a compilation of Christian Community Development Texts go to SEARCH CATEGORIES: John M. Perkins, Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens, Noel Castellanos, (ABCD) John Mc Knight, John (Jody) Kretzman