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(Items in the above list that are marked with an asterisk have my notes in them)

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Liberate inherent thinking, action and leadership in large groups

Open Space makes it possible to include everybody in constructing agendas and addressing issues that are important to them.

  1. Invite a group of people to address a complex problem
  2. The people who show up co-construct the agenda by posting topics that they will convene as a circle
  3. A process such as 1-2-4-All could be used to generate agenda topics.
  4. Topic invitations are posted for all to see
  5. Participants self select what circle(s) to join
  6. Chairs in circles for 10–1,000 people in a large room or open space
  7. Invite participants to join any session (circle) that they care about
  8. People are free to move among the circles (Two Feet Rule)