Partnership Community Development Corporation (TPCDC)

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The Partnership Community Community Development Corporation (TPCDC), a.k.a. "The Partnership" or "Partnership CDC" gives the following descriptive information:

  • Provide Affordable Housing.
  • Promote Home Ownership in the Inner City.
  • Promote Economic Development.
  • Provide Energy Assistance.
  • Build Successful Community Partnerships.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Partnership Community Development Corporation is a seventeen year old, non-profit neighborhood development organization that has leveraged over $65 million in private investment to assist in the revitalization of the West Philadelphia community since its inception. The Partnership develops affordable, for-sale and rental housing for low to moderate-income families in Philadelphia County, and provides home ownership education to first-time home buyers. Additionally, we work to retain businesses in West Philadelphia, while attracting new ones. this creates employment opportunities in the area, allowing our communities to be economically independent and viable. The Partnership CDC also undertakes retail development, organizes business associations, provides technical assistance to businesses and community groups and formulates revitalization strategies for commercial corridors.

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The website doesn't appear to have been updated in quite a while. But the news story proves that the organization does exist. ~Paul, 14:24, 5 September 2017 (EDT)