Pennsylvania’s Education for All Coalition (PEAC)

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Pennsylvania’s Education for All Coalition, Inc. (PEAC) is a community of parents, educators, individuals with disabilities and professionals who believe that children of all backgrounds and abilities should be successfully educated together in their neighborhood schools within the general education curriculum. In short, PEAC believes in inclusive education. PEAC also believes that collaboration between parents and educators is the best way to create successful inclusive experiences for students with disabilities, so we support the education and empowerment of parents as well as teachers.


PEAC provides the following services through partnerships with education faculty at local universities, the Parent Consultant Network (PCN), and funding from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council:

  • One-on-one support for families who need help securing an appropriate education for their children.
  • Workshops that educate both families and teachers on special education law, best inclusive practices, and family-educator collaboration.
  • Training and professional development for schools and teachers.
  • Guest lectures by Parent Consultants for education students at local universities.