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The Philadelphia Council of Clergy began in 1994 with the mission to work closely with governmental agencies to network for the economic, religious and social advancement of the faith community. During that time we have reached over 500,000 people nationally through our various member churches providing education, training and outreach. We now have clergy representatives from New York to Nigeria and Georgia to Ghana who are actively seeking to make a difference at the grassroots level.

After 25 years of faithful service, Archbishop Anthony Floyd, Sr., has retired and now holds the office of Presiding Prelate Emeritus and handing the mantle to his niece, Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer. She is the eldest daughter of the renown Rev. Melvin Floyd, (a Philadelphia legend), and carries the strong mantle of community outreach. Moving forward, just like her Father and Uncle, she is dedicated to promoting community healing through teaching people of faith how to do resident engagement that will make our communities safer. Hundreds of local residents, dignitaries and people from around the world, (from as far away as London), gathered to witness this auspicious and august occasion and left inspired to be intentional in impacting the world with a message of hope, salvation and healing.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About Us page.

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