Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS)

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The Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS) gives the following descriptive information:

The Philadelphia Folksong Society was founded in 1957 by a small group of folk artists and enthusiasts. The organization offers programs of presentation, participation, and education throughout Greater Philadelphia and the nation. These programs present a cultural history of society and provide enjoyment to thousands of people of all ages. The Philadelphia Folksong Society contributes to the preservation of a vast variety of musical styles and historical perspectives.

PFS has acquired international recognition and local acclaim through popular programs such as The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Fall Fling, Spring Thing, Cabin Fever Festival and the Heartwood Festival.

Mission:  The Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS) is dedicated to preserving the past, promoting the present, and securing the future of folk music and related forms of expression through education, presentation, and participation.

  • Preserving the Past:  PFS will preserve artistic expression by offering programs that encourage participation in traditional folk music and educate the public of its history.
  • Promoting the Present:  PFS will be recognized among the vanguard of emerging trendsetters and innovators within folk music. Diverse programs will encourage artistic development and experimentation.
  • Securing the Future:  PFS will acquire a home to ensure the continuation and vitality of roots music and related forms of expression. This facility will be the physical embodiment of the PFS mission, housing rehearsals and classes for students; workspace for staff and volunteers; and concerts, workshops, and archival exhibitions for the public.


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