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Philly Loves Poetry gives the following descriptive information:

Philly Loves Poetry is an annual Poetry Festival that celebrates the vibrant poetry community in Philadelphia and brings nationally known poets here to read and conduct workshops. Philadelphia, with a long history of literary and social diversity and a group of poetry organizations representing ethnic groups, educational institutions and various approaches to writing is a melting pot of ideas that lends itself to the development of a festival that celebrates the talent of Philadelphia based poets.

The Philly Loves Poetry Festival consists of several elements: a multiple day program of readings and workshops; collaboration with Brandywine Workshop to create a limited edition print featuring the poetry of our annual honoree and a local graphic artist; and a newspaper that promotes the programs of the entire Philadelphia poetry community during April, which is National Poetry Month.

In The News

Philly Loves Poetry: Herding the cats of verse in 2017

Editor's Note

The 2016 event was the first. It was held from April 14 through April 17.

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