Resources for Human Development (RHD)

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Resources for Human Development (RHD) introduces itself: "RHD is a diversified human services nonprofit serving people of all abilities with more than 160 programs in 14 states."

It goes on:

Since 1970, Resources for Human Development has provided a wide range of human services for the most vulnerable members of our society. People with developmental disabilities, mental illness, addictions, and homeless individuals and families have all benefited from the compassionate care and support provided through RHD programs.

RHD’s mission is to provide caring, effective, and innovative services that empower people of all abilities as they work to achieve the highest level of independence possible and build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. We also pioneer programs aimed at effecting lasting social change through economic and community development.

RHD strives to develop programs that demonstrate innovation, effectiveness, caring, flexibility, and efficiency. Governmental agencies, private groups, and individuals come to RHD with needs and ideas. RHD provides program planning and implementation expertise, ongoing programmatic and technical assistance and financial and administrative support. RHD is unique in its model of nonprofit sponsorship and corporate approach to social service. Its administrative structure combines the widest possible delegation of authority and responsibility to individual program units with a centralized, independently audited accounting system.