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Startup PHL introduces itself as, "The Gateway to Philly Tech", and gives the following descriptive information:

StartupPHL is a forward thinking initiative inspired by and rooted in Philadelphia’s innovative history and spirit. A collaborative effort between the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce and PIDC, StartupPHL aims to support entrepreneurs in the City who bring energy, ideas and vitality to Philadelphia as well as further enable the existing entrepreneurial talent that resides in the City’s different neighborhoods to flourish.

StartupPHL’s Objectives

  • Be the Gateway to Philly Tech: There is a lot of innovation happening in Philadelphia! Where do you start? connects you to the many people, places and events related to the startup scene in our City. We are your launching pad to learning about and becoming a part of the amazing tech and entrepreneurial community in Philadelphia.
  • Provide Funding: StartupPHL Funds was created as a response to the community’s feedback that the City lacked seed-stage capital.
  • Provide Access: StartupPHL Call for Ideas serves to provide access to technology and entrepreneurial training to all neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Call for Ideas is a grant program providing small grants to organizations promoting entrepreneurship throughout the City.