Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary

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Aerial view of the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary.

The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary has several excellent walking trails from which to observe a variety of shore birds:

  • Heron Overlook Path: Located off 3rd Avenue and surrounded by beautiful gardens donated by Friends of the Sanctuary, Heron Overlook will allow you to view the saltwater wetlands which are a popular heron and egret feeding area.
  • Meadow Walk Path: The Meadow Walk Path is surprisingly unique because it straddles fresh water meadows on your left and salt water marsh on your right.
  • Egret Espy Path: You are greeted at the beginning of the path by a stand of whispering pine trees planted by local Boy Scouts after the 1962 storm. Take a moment and sit on one of the teak benches, breathe in the soft pine scent and enjoy the beautiful gardens donated by Friends of the Sanctuary.
  • Holly Path: The Holly Path is a tribute to the success of the Sanctuary Rehabilitation Program started in 2006. In recent years, growing populations of Night Herons have been spending considerable time roosting and nesting around Paul’s Pond. To encourage continued growth of these magnificent birds, we are trying to minimize disturbance by closing the Holly Path from March 1st thru October 1st.

The Sanctuary is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Community Greening Award.

Note:  The above descriptive information was excerpted from the organization's home page.


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