Sunset Pavilion

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Inside Sunset Pavilion, looking west. Photo by Paul.

On the western end of Cape May's Promenade, this gazebo is one of the best places in New Jersey to watch a sunset. It's just a rectangular gazebo with maybe 8 benches in it. But what a location! The beach in front of you has people on it, but beyond that there's a long beach, the Cove, that curves in one big arc, a long walk away. In the distance you see the lighthouse at Cape May Point. Over all this peace-infusing beauty, the sun sets daily! Anytime is great there to sit down, take pictures, do your prayer or relaxation techniques, look through binoculars. Sunset Pavilion is an essential Cape May stop. If you can be there for sunset, it's even better.

There are no rest rooms in the pavilion, but there are "Comfort Stations" all up and down the Promenade. I did see an outlet where a group of boys were able to charge their game device; it was up on one of the posts. If you want to go on the beach itself, you buy a tag.

Note:  Sunset Pavilion was added to Google Maps in 2016 by Wikidelphia editor Paul after several visits there. The first review (the description above) was written by Paul, and the first photos were posted by him. The Pavilion is a deeply meaningful location to many locals and vacationers, but on Google Maps it was just a tiny unlabeled rectangle until 2016, when Paul saw that this much-visited place had been omitted. Since then, many reviews and photos have been added by a multitude of visitors, confirming the Pavilion's importance.