Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN)

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The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia gives the following descriptive information:

We envision a future where businesses are investors in the quality of life for all citizens. We challenge and support the business community to build profitable enterprises that serve community needs, share wealth, and protect the environment.

For the Greater Philadelphia region, we will be an effective resource for dynamic, independent, locally-owned businesses that are committed to improving their environmental and social impacts as well as their profitability. We will be a national leader in the creation and integration of entrepreneurial and sustainable business practices. We will continue to establish new models for business operations that value people, planet and prosperity for all, leading by example.

Our Practice

We create new models for delivery of services such as research, entrepreneurship, education and business support services. Starting from our vision, we identify needs, talk with businesses and listen to their input, and together design ways to meet those needs. We are committed to the dissemination and replication of the effective new models that we create.

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) People, Planet and Profit

Often mentioned in SBN literature and meetings, "The TBL is an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social (people), environmental (planet) and financial (profit). This differs from traditional reporting frameworks as it includes ecological (or environmental) and social measures that can be difficult to assign appropriate means of measurement. The TBL dimensions are also commonly called the three Ps: people, planet and profit. We will refer to these as the 3Ps." (Indiana Business Review)

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