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The Frator Heru Institute (TFHI, pronounced FRAY-tor HAY-roo) is a 501(c)(3) community-based educational consortium with an offering to the community-at-large of over 50 on-site and mobile classes, seminars, workshops, consultancy and tutoring, ranging from rites-of-passage for girls and boys, computer training, mathematics, chess for beginners, community organizing, grant writing, non-profit governance, language arts, professional comic book creation, acting for beginners, business writing, story-quilting, certifications & training seminars in several critical areas, and much, much more!

The Institute is also recognized for its collaboration with many organizations, among them: The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. (ECBACC, Inc.); The Black Male Development Symposium (BMDS); The Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation (UEDC); The After-School Activities Partnerships (ASAP); The Men’s Collaborative (TMC); the School District of Philadelphia (SDP); The African American United Fund (AAUF); & The Center For Literacy (CFL). For more than a quarter of a century The Institute has been dedicated to perennial excellence in community-based education and praxis!


to generate effective and strategic programs, projects and initiatives that promote self-development, stable families, communities and societies.


That each individual has a divine potential that can be tapped into through education to make that person the consummate being that s/he can be. All FHI seminars, workshops and classes are selected to be centering, empowering, ennobling and educational initiatives

Expert Consulting

The FHI provides expert and quality consulting in the following fields: community-based education / non-profit governance / rites-of-passage / parenting initiatives / human race studies / performing arts

Effective Training & Tutoring

Available: Acting / Computer Sciences / History / Language Arts: English, Spanish & Kiswahili / Mathematics /

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