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Idea Page Summary

MY BAaBEE is Motivating Youth, Building Assets, and Bolstering Entrepreneurial Experience.

It is a social entrepreneurship project, conceived by Mark Ensley dba ME IT, sponsored by The Frator Heru Institute.

MY BAaBEE Public Service Announcement is the introductory presentation designed to share the project with youth and adults in schools, in programs, and at community events. It consists of a flyer and open letter, a musical message, and a youth development workshop available upon request.

MY Million Dollar BAaBEE is the fundraising strategy designed to generate at least $1,000,000 monthly contributions for funding a community foundation whose mission would be to collect donations, generate income, support business development to create jobs for youth, and disburse grants to youth, youth programs, youth initiatives, and youth-serving organizations.

MY BAaBEE Incubator is the pilot program built upon a rites-of-passage framework designed to recruit, teach and train multiple cohorts of 25 youth to be social entrepreneurs, utilizing workshops, service-learning activities, and mentoring to produce youth-owned and -operated businesses.

This Idea Page has been created to demonstrate the usefulness of WikiDelphia as both an index of resources for asset based community development and social entrepreneurship, as well as a viable platform for Level 2 Social Media engagement in the form of CrowdHelping. Below you will find an ever evolving and expanding set of entries containing summaries about MY BAaBEE, the project partners, plans, and progress throughout its developmental phases and links to related research and resources. Through many discussions around mutual interest leading to reciprocal support of each other's initiatives, Stan Pokras, Instigator of Community Magic, and Moor Ali El (aka Mark Ensley), Lead Organizer of MY BAaBEE have committed to building and facilitating collaborative efforts that will help manifest solutions for economic empowerment and the common good.

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