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University City Off the Grid introduces itself with the line, "Your Guide to Sustainable Living in University City", and gives the following descriptive information:

The mission of University City Off the Grid

To catalyze a model sustainable community in University City by helping residents, businesses, and institutions reduce their use of limited resources. Our goal is to partner with others to foster a community where today’s actions do not negatively affect the next generation‘s ability to meet its needs.

To bring this mission to fruition, University City District regularly convenes stakeholders and partners through a Sustainability Steering Committee to coordinate, call attention to, and strategize around our collective efforts. Those efforts are guided by the framework established by Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks Agenda to develop and meet community-wide goals and aspirations in making Philadelphia the greenest city in America. To accomplish this, we are building on the incredible sustainability work that has been underway for years by community residents, businesses, and institutions.


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