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VISUALS for CHANGE gives the following descriptive information:

In 2010, I[, artist Amanda Lyons,] started VISUALS for CHANGE to help people better understand each other through more meaningful connections--to enhance visual language appreciation and know how. Consulting as sole proprietor, I've worked with companies big and small, bringing in affiliates when needed. Also, I've taught leadership seminars at Rider University through the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills, hosted corporate team-building scavenger hunts in NYC with various companies and I still facilitate occasional corporate team-building programs with Outward Bound & Adventure Associates as well as my own leadership programs. I've since shifted from focusing solely on visual thinking, to also include experiential education methods, design thinking, storytelling frameworks, community change efforts. I'm spending more time working within social justice, end of life spaces, what does it mean to work with horses, and the topic of food and how we relate to it. Current collaborations & projects include:

  • Co-convening a monthly-ish community change group in Philadelphia, PA, called Yes,and...Philly. We're holding space for community stories, exchanging facilitation skills & exercises, and building facilitation based products together!
  • The Peeragogy Project: This is an experiment in peeragogy, where a flexible framework using polycentric leadership allows one to explore techniques of peer learning.
  • An online store including projects such as: food paintings, identity paintings, facilitator toolkits and more coming in 2017!


  • Retreat/Workshop Design and Facilitation: We design retreats to help further your specific strategic needs based on the change you want to create. We build workshops, creating engaging custom experiences where professionals learn by doing. Popular workshop topics include visual communication tools, liberating structures, leadership and team-building, and visual strategic change.
  • Graphic Facilitation and/or Recording: Real-time capturing of dialogue/presentation during your meeting or event via markers on big mural paper (often 6ft wide x 4ft tall). In Facilitation I help provide group direction, while in Recording I simply capture what I hear and see while someone else facilitates.
  • Hand Drawn Whiteboard Films: We work with you to create a film to fit your needs in the film creation process. Our process includes ideation, storyboarding, getting approvals, creating change orders, filming, editing, and revisions--as contracted.

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