Veteran Boxers Association Ring 1 (VBA)

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An interior shot at the Veteran Boxers Association Ring 1.

Walk into the VBA and it may make you feel like you just stepped into the heart of Philly boxing history. Six hundred photos of fighters cover the walls, accompanied by gloves and gear. Most of the items were acquired during the club's 72-year history. At the VBA, members are ex-fighters, managers and promoters, both amateur and professional. Non-boxers, however, can apply for a "social membership". It takes a week for club brass to decide on your membership, but someone will usually sponsor you.

The purpose for which the corporation is to be organized are to foster and promote the good and general welfare of the veteran boxer. To ensure that its members are giving the recognition deserving their past effort and protect the active boxers.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Comcast Biz page and from its Facebook About page.

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