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White Dog Cafe.

The White Dog Cafe introduces itself with the line, "Farm to Table: Local, Seasonal, Sustainable", and gives the following descriptive information:

Known for award-winning contemporary American Cuisine and friendly service with three neighborhood locations in Philadelphia and the Main Line. Since 1983, White Dog Cafe has provided local, seasonal food that is sustainably raised to our surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Open daily for Lunch, Dinner and weekend Brunch. We look forward to serving you throughout the four seasons enjoying the seasonal harvests.

Judy Wicks, social activist and original Founder, opened White Dog Cafe in January of 1983. Located in three connecting Victorian brownstones in University City, White Dog quickly became a local favorite known for its environmental sustainability and community engagement. The majority of our ingredients are purchased from local farms, located no more than fifty miles from our restaurants. Our seasonal menus feature only the best ingredients from farms we trust; including pasture fed animals, humanely treated livestock, and fish and seafood that is harvested through sustainable suppliers. We incorporate organic items as much as we can when available from farms using sustainable farming practices. Our wines are grown and produced from American vineyards, we sesrve local craft beer and use artisan distilled spirits in our beverages. All of our tea, coffee, and chocolate are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. The restaurants use renewable energy, LED lighting and practice sustainable initiatives that are environmentally friendly.

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