Work for Progress for America (WPA)

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Work for Progress for America (WPA) gives the following descriptive information:

Work for Progress for America (WPA) is a corporation set up to explore and develop opportunities to create socially useful employment that pays family sustaining wages and contributes to a healthy, sustainable society dedicated to equality. The United States lacks more than 15 million jobs. Polarization of wealth and massive deregulation have created many opportunities to make a profit on speculation and environmental destruction rather than investing in people, communities and the creation of shared prosperity.

WPA starts with an analysis that approximately 40% of the US economy is built with public funds or publicly influenced capital. These parts of the economy can be influenced by public policy and can be shaped to support family sustaining jobs and social equality. These are public funds or funds that public policy allows to be spent. The work of WPA is to explore opportunities involving publicly influenced capital and make the business case for their development and implementation as an anchor for a fair economy. We will work to integrate the economic power of meeting human needs and making a sustainable planet by showing the market for such jobs and enterprises and the financial engineering necessary to create these opportunities.