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Explaining can mean a lot of things:

  • Your customers explain what they want.
  • You explain what you did for them; and, when you're done...
  • The User Guide and Help system explain all the puzzling features of the interface, things that you thought were self-evident.
  • And, hopefully, the SDLC (systems development lifecycle) documentation explains inner workings to future generations of developers (say, in 3 months or so).

Like the old cartoon showing 20 different wrong ways to build a tire swing, a lot can go wrong when you don't pay attention to communication throughout the development process.

Editor's Note

It is hard to tell if this organization still exists in any form. Its name appears on resumes of David Galloway in Swarthmore PA. Perhaps the next Wikidelphia editor to see this page will check again and maybe delete it or mark it Past.

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