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A Young Involved Philadelphia meeting.

Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP) gives the following descriptive information:

In late 2000, a small group of recent college graduates set out to harness the energy and enthusiasm of young Philadelphians in shaping the future of the city.

YIP’s first open meeting was held in early 2001, and the organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 2003.

Today, the organization boasts more than 7,000 members and has built a reputation as Philadelphia’s leading organization of young citizens.

The organization has historically achieved its goals through education about civic affairs, advocacy around key city issues, and events for young professionals and community leaders. Today, YIP strives to make Philadelphia the premier city for the next generation of young leaders by engaging, connecting and representing the young demographic (roughly 22 – 35, but all are welcome) through several different programs.