Yvonne Hughes

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Elder Yvonne Hughes Community Outreach Coordinator It's Not Your Fault Non Profit Organization

Affiliations and Interests

Bethel Presbyterian Church ♥ Kwanzaa ♥ Job Access Network ♥ SEPTA Advisory Council ♥ Senior Community Employment Training program (SCETP) - Maturity Works ♥ One Day At A Time ♥ Bridgeway Inc ♥ Statewide Pennsyvnia PASILC https://pasilc.org/ ♥ Center for Independent Living ♥ Dialog In The Dark (Germany) Sensitivy Training for seeing people & Stores that might be federally supported ♥ Special Need Adults ♥ Special Needs Children ♥ Client Assistant Program (CAP) ♥ Job Access Network (JAN) ♥ Gateway - Women's Opportunity Resource Center (WORC) ♥ Showing Community Other Parameters of Education (SCOPE)


Ossmosis - Older Students - Teaching Science (club) doing trips... ♥ Make & Take with the archdiocese ♥ Community Outreach Through Education ♥ Help Educate All disability ♥ Reading Empowers All People

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