Appreciative Interviews (AI)

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Discover & build on the root causes of success

  1. In Pairs participants take turns conducting an interview and telling a success story, paying attention to what made the success possible.
  2. Ask, “Please tell a story about a time when you worked on a challenge with others and you are proud of what you accomplished. What is the story and what made the success possible? Pair up preferably with someone you don’t know well.”
  3. In groups of 4, each person retells the story of his or her pair partner. Ask participants to listen for patterns in conditions/assets supporting success and to make note of them.
  4. Collect insights and patterns for the whole group to see on a flip chart. Summarize if needed.
  5. Ask, “How are we investing in the assets and conditions that foster success?” and “What opportunities do you see to do more?”
  6. Use 1-2-4-All or What, So What, Now What? to discuss the questions.


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