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(Items in the above list that are marked with an asterisk have my notes in them)

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Practice progressive methods for helping others, receiving help, and asking for help

  • Groups of 3: two participants interacting face-to-face in the roles of client and coach plus one observer
  • During four rounds the person in the role of client shares a challenge he or she is passionate about.
  • While the observer pays close attention, the coach responds in a sequence of patterns that is different for each round as follows.
  1. Quiet Presence (Scroll past the Loud)
  2. Guided Discovery(Great Examples)
  3. Loving Provocation (Click around for examples)
  4. Process Mindfulness (Scroll & Ignore the Ads)

Editor's Note: With each of the above four personality types, I have offered a link to an article on the net that is a defining essay for each of the personality type response. Stan (talk) 10:18, 5 January 2020 (EST)

WHY? Purposes

  • Change unwanted giving help patterns that include: premature solutions; unneeded advice; adding pressure to force use of advice; moving to next steps too quickly; trying too hard not to overhelp
  • Change unwanted asking for help patterns that include: mistrusting; not sharing real problem; accepting help without ownership; looking for validation, not help; resenting not getting enough


Similar Practice

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