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There are so many organizations that tout the word "diversity" in their self-description! If we don't define and limit the scope of this category, it will be useless.

  1. This category was made for entities (orgs or individuals) that concentrate on diversity as a large part of what they do. For a counter-example, it is not for a business that aims to hire a diverse bunch of employees; diversity is one of their attitudes, but their business is business.
  2. This category should not be used when the entity represents one group and its "diversity" efforts mainly pertain to that one group. Instead, use categories appropriate to that group. For example, an LGBT organization may show some words about diversity, but you see that what they specifically do is to promote LGBT interests; so you use categories appropriate to LGBT. For another example, a Muslim organization may talk about "interfaith dialogue", but you look closer and see that it's really aimed at getting people interested in Islam; so you use categories suitable for Islamic outreach.
  3. In short, this category was made for entities that promote diversity broadly and primarily. In other cases, use other categories.