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Our Mission

The National Coalition Building Institute is dedicated to ending the mistreatment of every group whether it stems from nationality, race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, job or life circumstance.

Our programs develop principled leaders who examine their own leadership, initiate diversity programs, and enter the heat of emotional group conflict to build bridges across difference. We operate on an All for One and One for All basis, addressing all forms of oppression and prejudice.


NCBI Philadelphia is affiliated with the National Coalition Building Institute, International. Founded in 1984, NCBI International is a non-profit leadership training organization which teaches people from every walk of life to see themselves as leaders who can take initiative to counter the mistreatment of any group.

With chapters in nearly fifty cities worldwide, we have dealt with prejudice and conflict in virtually every form. Each chapter is composed of community-based leaders who are trained to provide prevention-based programs to reduce prejudice and inter-group conflict in their communities.