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Mental Health Advocate, Video documenting conversations that end stigma towards our differences

  • #StigmaFree was created after doing research on having conversations in our communities about mental health. i came across NAMI page where Bebe Moore Campbell was highlighted for advocating July as "Minority Mental Health Month". I decided to host conversations about taking care of our mental health the way we care for our physical health.
  • I partner with several mental health organizations who provide counselors for the conversation. In 2017 i joined #LetsThinkAgain a state wide campaign to erase stigmas towards people with disabilities. If you are interested in hosting a viewing of a documentary and conversationto erase stigmas please email me at
  • Knitting is also a creativity tool in preventing degenerating brain disease. I host Neural Knitworks with Penn students to connect intergenerational families to knitting and brain health research. The family learns to knit and care for their mental health.

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Advocating from several angles about mental health in the workplace. The importance of Honoring Bebe Moore Campbell Mental Health Awareness in African American communities for me is to address the stress applied to people of color who take on characteristics that is not theirs just to be successful in the work place. This and other concerns for mental health in the workplace is reflected with recent trainings provided to various occupations involved with above normal stressful encounters. The trainings are provided #HealthyMindsPhilly #FirstAidMentalHealth


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