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Christopher Zelov, a Delaware Valley native and University of Pennsylvania graduate, is the founder of the Knossus Project (Is-Past), a research and development enterprise focused on creating artifacts in the strategic realms of: Educational Film, Green Design, and Book publishing.

  • Among other key projects, he conceived and produced the multi (7) award-winning film: Ecological Design: Inventing the Future that helped to launch the Sustainable Development movement into the mainstream, and is still being used in classrooms around the world.
  • Through the years, Zelov has co-created more than 20 films, 5 books, and 4 inventions, including:
  • Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier

Some of his projects include: City 21: Multiple Perspectives on Urban Futures | The Search for the Second Enlightenment | The L’Enfant Memory Theater Passage | The Green Bus Stop | Magnificent Journeys/Timeless Crossings | The Imaginarium for the Regenerative City | The Green Transition Scoreboard Video | The Bio-Remediation Barge | Speculations on Eco-Resorts in the 21st Century| Magnus: What Can You Learn from a Monk?| Edge-Ucation Film | Multi-Media Courseware on Inventing Eco-Futures| Solar Fountain Dreamscapes| Greenshire School Video |

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