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The Committee for Clear Thinking is the advocacy outreach of Robert E. Kay M.D. It concentrates on education, including homeschooling, unschooling, and the deleterious effects of locking children up in large, factory-like buildings and putting them through days and years of "teach 'em test 'em".

The website, started in mid-2016, is a collection of informational PDFs suitable for viewing, downloading, printing, and sharing. The PDFs are scans of delightfully hand-created info sheets. You could call them hand-made infographics. Some characteristic aphorisms are:

  • Never ask a child a question if the adult already knows the answer.
  • Show me what you can do, and then I, or another child, will help you do better, pretty much like it is in the real world.
  • Note the best-ever college program, where the reward for questions, argument and good papers was to be excused from all examinations.
  • Never ask them about homework, but help them if they ask.
  • Never read their report card unless they offer it.
  • Everything we know, we've basically taught ourselves, i.e. pressured teaching will not, indeed cannot, make learning happen.

Note:  The above descriptive information was provided by Wikidelphia staff editor Paul Sank.


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