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Fitness With Rachel.

In April 2023, this organization's website was not found, and its social media accounts were years out of date. Until someone informs us otherwise, we assume that the following information is history:

Fitness With Rachel introduces itself with the line, "Connect With Your Mind | Transform Your Body | Enlighten Your Spirit", and gives the following descriptive information:

My mission is to awaken and empower your mind, body and soul with the knowledge to keep you fit for life. My passion for healthy, strong living beats down to my core and I hope to positively impact your existence in this way as well. This site is a place for motivation, inspiration and education on how to connect with your mind, transform your body and enlighten your spirit. Peace, Love and Strength! - Rachel

Twitter profile:

Learn | Motivate | Achieve. Functional training, clean eating, proactive lifestyle. Join me in the movement! Lover of kettlebells, family, friends, food.


Editor's Note

In my browser, the website (main URL at the top of this page) is blank except for a header. Perhaps you'll prefer to use the Twitter (above under "Info"). PaulSank (talk) 15:01, 10 August 2017 (EDT)