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Notes on the research

Draft Text for The Thinking Society

You probably know or at lease suspect that there is something wrong with the economics of our middle class today... But, it's not easy to know just what. Who gave the Supreme Court the right to create a new class of citizens? You probably know or at lease suspect that there is something wrong in the World today... But, it's not easy to know just what.


Corporate Personhood is the most significant legal term that nobody knows.

  • Every aspect of our economy and our democracy is impacted by the growing hegemony of corporations. Nothing in our society is as consequential to our lives and our ability as a free people to control the world we live in as is the doctrine of Corporate Personhood promulgated by the Supreme Court. And, you probably don't believe that this is true.... yet.

Definition of Corporate Personhood

In a U.S. historical context, the phrase 'Corporate Personhood' refers to the ongoing legal debate over the extent to which rights traditionally associated with natural persons should also be afforded to corporations.

History of Corporate Personhood


Supporting Documents & Documentaries

  1. Philadelphia City Council Resolution June 21, 2012
  2. Paul Craig Roberts – How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds (brief review by True Publica
  3. TED Talk: Lincoln didn't fight the civil war to free the corporations: Thom Hartmann at TEDxConcordiaUPortland
  4. Move To Amend Coalition
  5. HuffPost article: A Simple, 4-Step Method to End Corporate Personhood
  6. Corporations like Exxon are using spurious free speech claims to fend off regulation - Vox
  7. The Top Ten Problems with “Corporate Personhood” - Gorgist Journal
  8. Corporate Hegemony
  9. Court Overturns Lake Erie Bill of Rights – Feb 28, 2020
  10. The Right-Wing Legacy of Justice Lewis Powell, and What It Means for the Supreme Court Today – By Bill Blum

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  • What happens to people's moral sense of what is "right" or "wrong" when they are given a shield that limits their responsibility for the actions of their enterprise?
  • What effect does the profit motive have on how people make decisions about what their enterprise should or should not do?
  • What recourse do states, municipalities and citizens have when an enterprise harms them, their children or their property?
  • What recourse do people have when large enterprises establish policies and make use of otherwise public resources that act to reduce the people's ability to earn a living and live healthy, productive lives?
  • Where can people turn to protect themselves from life threatening commercial activities?
  • What actions are taken by large financial enterprises to insure their access to land and other resources?
  • Will overturning the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case create real democracy in America?

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The goal is to understand the influence of corporations on our democracy and to find useful language and explanations to use in informing the public.
There must be steps that We The People can take to insure that government and the investor class work to maintain our planet and the health, life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness for all people everywhere..

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