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"The Children's Corner at the Centennial-Exhibition of Dolls and Toys", an engraving from the Centennial Exhibition 1876 Philadelphia Scrapbook. This is one of many, many resources linked to Jon Paul Sank's World's Fairs Page.

Jon Paul Sank's World's Fairs Page is a simple, fast-loading portal to various online resources covering the arc of World's Fairs history starting with the Crystal Palace (1851). Its aim is to enable you to take a mental vacation "at the Fair" using any Web-connected device at any time when you have at least a minute to look. Even a cheapie flip phone can access some of these resources. Links include:

•  Standalone websites. •  Webpages within other sites. •  Videos. •  Audio. •  Official guide books. •  Other World's Fair books, e.g., art books, photo books. •  One-click searches. •  YouTube and Internet Archive links. •  Music. •  More.

The portal is global in scope, but it does include material from Philadelphia, specifically, the Centennial Exposition (1876) and the Sesquicentennial (1926).

Note:  The above description was written for Wikidelphia by the portal's creator, Paul.


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