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Who We Are
We are a group of people deeply involved in the North Philadelphia community brought together in April, 2019 to identify ways we could improve its overall health.

  • The group observed there are plenty of grassroots organizations doing work in the community. However, they are not often aware of each other and often not willing to collaborate with others for various reasons.
  • While being the people with the most solid and healthy relationships within the community, they struggle to survive themselves, competing with others for scarce funding.
  • As a group, we are tired of talking without resulting action. We have been hurt by those who talk, make promises, and do not take action based on what they learned. We don’t want to work with those who are doing whatever just to make a name for themselves, rather than really caring for the community.
  • It is in that spirit that we are pressing forward to help build relationships and bring knowledge that will lead to collaboration and community cohesion.
  • We have concluded that one means to this end would be to hold a summit where we can listen and learn from one another and develop strategies together to achieve our common goals.

The Need truly positively impact the health of North Philadelphia, we need to foster and support the growth of healthy relationships.

  • To do so most efficiently, we need to begin with connecting the grassroots, caring, relational people and organizations in the community, helping them overcome the barriers to collaboration and funding they so desperately need to multiply their impact.

The Summit
To this end, we are proposing to hold a Summit focused on relational issues and development within North Philadelphia.

  • In this summit, we will hold work groups focused on fostering collaboration within specific areas including Youth and Violence, Trauma Informed Care/Mental Health, Working with the Disabled, Food Insecurities, Housing/Utilities, Transportation, Legal Aid, STEM education, and Medical Care.
  • We will also have keynote sessions sharing research regarding the value of grassroots relationships within the community and what it means also on an organizational level.
  • We also intend to invite area foundations, city leaders, and political representatives to participate and be part of a conversation regarding what grassroots organizations can and need to do together to obtain support.

Participants to-date

Ted Hewson and Charles Walker, Temple University Health System
Yvonne Hughes, Genesis Ministries Of Philadelphia / It's Not Your Fault Non Profit Organization
Charlotte Brown, The Elite 30 Association & Coalition
Patty Hewson, CRNP, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC)
Cindy Williams-Frank, Women in Partnership with God
Rev. Bill Purvis, Pastor, Trumpet of Zion Tabernacle
Kyle Hendrick, Code for Kids and School District of Philadelphia
Lisa Moser, Living Word Community
Dr. Jeff Gehris, Temple University
Dwayne Budheah, Social Worker, School District of Philadelpha
Michael Feld, Chief Technical Officer, TUHS

Interviews to-date

Leon Sullivan Charitable Trust
Campaign for Working Families
Malcolm Kenyata’s State Representative Office
North Philly Project
Church of the Advocate
North Central Philadelphia Susquehanna Community Development Corporation
Philly Dream Center
DHEx Enterprises, LLC
Together for West Philadelphia