Oak Lane Community Action Association (OLCAA)

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The Oak Lane Community Action Association (OLCAA) gives the following descriptive information:

The Oak Lane Community Action Association (OLCAA) is a non-profit organization established in 1970 to serve the 'quality of life' needs of those living within the Philadelphia neighborhood of East Oak Lane. Elected by the community, our 15 member Board of Directors oversees its many Committees and their sponsored events throughout the year. OLCAA works in direct partnership with our City and State Agencies and Officials to bring valuable focus to the needs of our community.

East Oak Laners are passionate about their "quality of life." To enrich the fabric of this community they have formed Committees such as Beautification, Safety and Crime, Education and Culture, Zoning and Planning, Hospitality, Communications and Historic Preservation. Other Organizations, such as The Friends of the Oak Lane Library, work to promote literary richness for community residents. The Oak Lane Tree Tenders, working in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, have planted hundreds of trees throughout the neighborhood and continue to add the richness of greenery throughout its gateways and thoroughfares.

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