Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission (PBRM)

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Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission gives the following descriptive information:

Established in 1908, PBRM serves the homeless, the needy, and those experiencing substance abuse and addiction. As a faith-based nonprofit organization, it offers the following services:

  • Three meals served daily at the PBRM facility.
  • An emergency food cupboard and soup kitchen.
  • Distribution of boxes of food to families in need.
  • Daily religious services (Gospel services, devotional services, and Bible studies).
  • The Recovery Through Faith Program (RTFP), an 18-month long-term addiction recovery program that prepares participants to live drug-free, independent lives. Includes modules on Lifeskills, Education, Career, and Family Life Counseling as well as spiritual and emotional counseling through religious studies. Consists of 5 phases that assist the individual in successful reintegration into society. Before entering the 5 phases, participants are evaluated, introduced to the program, and assigned duties. Initial assessment includes health, psychological, and educational screenings.

Shelter and meal services are free of charge. Long-term clients in the RTFP are expected to pay room and board monthly.

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