The Idea Behind the Wikidelphia Category System (WCS)

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Now that you're at the top level of the Wikidelphia Category System (WCS), here's the idea:

The Basic WCS Idea

The categories (tags) assigned to each page make a sentence (of sorts)

Starting with what something "Is," the page reference might be "About" something, or be concerned with an "Issue." The sentence may contain a phrase for what the page "Does," what it "Teaches," and who it "Serves."


Now that you've seen some examples, please go ahead and click the back link below. Then do some exploring! Click or tap some of the categories and see what's in them! Browse around! We think you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Category Search

This tool lists categories containing one or more of the words being sought. This is a great way to check to see what categories already exist. There are some words (so called Stop words) that are not possible to be found. Examples of these Stop words include "between," "concerning," "exactly," and "outside." A large list of such words can be found here.

Another Way to Search Wikidelphia

While we love our Wikidelphia Category System, we also recognize that Google is doing their great work indexing our site. That means that you can use Google to find more page hits on a word or phrase than you can find using the normal Wikidelphia search box or through the Category system. Here's an example for "block captain": block captain

Note that we used this feature to create links to the terms "Arts" and "Culture" on the Category Issue-Arts & Culture.