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Wikidelphia editors can use this page to share notes about work that can be undertaken.

  • The term "Grassroots" can be searched and Category:Does-Grassroots Activism added where appropriate.
    • I'm not sure what this term means, as opposed to "Does-Activism". Don't all activists aim at the so-called "grassroots"? What other activism is there? Lobbying? You can call that "Does-Lobbying". The word "grassroots" always sounds self-congratulatory to me--"We work the grassroots. Those other people are rich guys and elitists. We're the real people people." OK, so there's my two cents. ~Paul
  • The category "Issue-Violence" needs to be adjusted to reflect the fact that groups usually promote "Anti-Violence."
    • I think "Issue-Violence" is fine as it is. The "Anti-" is understood. Ever see an activist group that promotes violence? No. Maybe there are some who are "Using-Violence". ~Paul

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