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This page was made for Wikidelphia editors who wish to see which are the oldest pages in the category Is-Page Needing Work. It's good for keeping track of work-in-progress if we all do the following:

  1. When you add a new page to Is-Page_Needing_Work, add an item (date and title) to the top of this list.
  2. When you finish a page that's listed here, and so it doesn't need work anymore, come back here and delete its item.
  3. If you only do part of the completion of update of a page, then before you move on, mark its item "(P)" on this list and move the item to the top.

Alternate View: Dynamic Pages Needing Work


  • (N) Brand new and awaiting completion.
  • (P) Partially worked on.
  • (S) Transferred from SRP's in-progress list.
  • (U) In need of a full update.

Maybe Do

  • Possible project: Continue cleaning the Is-Coalition list. (Done through: Mt. Airy Schools Coalition.)
  • Here's a probable source for new pages: The 23 best things to do in Philadelphia with kids
  • Maybe it would be a good idea to start a Literacy Wikid Resource Page. (About actual literacy, meaning the ability to read.)

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