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Sally McCabe is associate director of community education at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and a co-owner of Cobblestone Krautery.

The Bartrams’ agricultural legacy and our modern commitment to food sovereignty take root at the Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden. After several years of transition, the farm is now firmly rooted at Bartram’s Garden and in our Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood, with an African focus for our work, strong local leadership guiding our vision, and renewed resources and partnerships to sustain youth development, community health, and food sovereignty.
SHARE’s Nice Roots Farm harvested 15,000 pounds of produce last year. It provided local, affordable and nutrient-rich produce for families in neighborhoods where low-price produce is not readily available. Share provided healthy recipes and advice on cooking, storing and preserving vegetables to retain nutrients and promote good health.
Food Moxie partners with schools and place-based organizations to activate educational growing spaces that offer experiential learning in gardening, farming, nutrition, and culinary arts. We encourage our partners to engage with our growing spaces in ways that meet their individualized needs. We also provide the tools and resources necessary to inspire our communities to grow and cook at home.
Soil Generation is a Black & Brown-led coalition of gardeners, farmers, individuals, and community-based organizations working to ensure people of color regain community control of land and food, to secure access to the resources necessary to determine how the land is used, address community health concerns, grow food and improve the environment. We will reach these goals through relationship building, honoring culture, community education, organizing, activism and advocacy: a People’s Agroecology
Grounded in Philly facilitates the transitioning of vacant land into community-controlled green spaces, gardens and gathering places. Mapping data sourced from various public entities help identify vacant lots that are available for transition. Through this site you can connect and communicate with other residents regarding specific lots and find out how to secure and use prospective green spaces. You’ll also find a resource page with links to active individuals, groups, events and gardening information
Garden Justice Legal Initiative (GJLI) provides pro bono legal support, advocacy, and policy research to community gardens and urban farmers in Philadelphia’s communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, and historically disinvested neighborhoods. The project began in 2011 at the Public Interest Law Center with support from the Skadden Fellowship program. GJLI engages community members, develops partnerships with nonprofit and community-based organizations, and fosters relationships between community gardeners and municipal authorities to help foster a movement in Philadelphia to support food access and positive vacant land policies. We aim to give communities greater control over the future of their neighborhoods. Grounded in Philly is one of the awesome ways we’re reaching that goal.
The Office of Sustainability (OOS) works with partners around the City to improve quality of life in all Philadelphia neighborhoods, reduce the City’s carbon emissions, and prepare Philadelphia for a hotter, wetter future. OOS is responsible for implementing Greenworks Philadelphia, the City’s comprehensive sustainability plan, which is made up of eight visions:
Accessible food and drinking water
Healthy outdoor and indoor air
Clean and efficient energy
Climate-prepared and carbon-neutral communities
Quality natural resources
Accessible, affordable, and safe transportation
Zero Waste
Engaged students, stewards, and workers
The Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) is Philadelphia’s largest land trust. We are dedicated to preserving and supporting community gardens and other shared open spaces across the city. NGT’s work is grounded in the belief that an equitable and sustainable city is one in which all neighborhoods have vibrant green spaces for residents to cultivate food, flowers, and community. NGT works with self-organized gardeners, community organizations, property owners, and the City of Philadelphia to secure ownership or long-term leases for community-managed open spaces to prevent the threat of development or other reuse. 
Our mission is to build sustainable communities across Philadelphia that are designed and created by the people who live in them. We help and facilitate neighborhood groups and individuals to bring art, nature, and the sense of community to their streets.

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